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Undergraduate Thesis

Publication Date - 2014-01-01 00:00:00

Project Title : Undergraduate Thesis

Publicationed By : Md. Kamrul Hasan

Project Publication Date : 2014-01-01 00:00:00

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Project Description :

10. Title: GPS map crowdsourcing

Students: Mahadi Hasan, Tariqul Islam and Soumitra Sarkar

9. Title: Public Health Crisis Management using Smartphone-based Crowdsourcing Approach

Students: Moinul Islam Sayed and Md Abdul Alim Forazy

8. Title: Smart Solar Panel: Rotation Aligned with the Sun Enhance Energy Storage

Students: Tuhin Shuvra Das, Fazly Rabbi, Tuhin Shuvra, H M Ashaduzzaman and Litan Sarker 

7. Title: Establishment of online based PSTU Information System targeting Accounts Section

Students: Foiez Ahmed Mazumder, Md. Shamim Hasan and Md. Tanvir Morshed Nadim

6. Title: Online-based University Website Development Using 3-Tier Web Architecture in J2EE technologyStudents: Kamrul Hasan Samim, Shohada Sharmin Anny, and Sadia Arabi

5. Title: MAC, Routing and Topology Analysis of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Energy and Lifetime

Students: Sajol Saha, Md. Syful Islam, and Tamim Al Mahmud

4. Title: Faster Road Mapping Technique Through Digital Map Matching In Crowdsourcing Approach

Students: Md Shaha musabbir Miraj and Md Zahid Hasan

3. Title: Digital Mapping with GPS Data in Crowdsourcing Approach

Students: Shuvankar Paul, Antor Dey, and Md. Jakir Hossen

2. Title: Farmer Assistant: The Online plant clinic for Agriculture (Android-based Application)

Students: Mrinmoy Das, Subrata Kumer Gain and Barun Kumar Biswas

1. Title: Establishment of online based PSTU Information System targeting Academic and Administration

Students: Syed Ashik Mahmud, Jagonnath Dutta and Kanij Fatema Sharme

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