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Stream Cipher Based Modified Espresso Algorithm for 5G Communication

Publication Date - 2019-05-18 00:00:00

Publication Title : Stream Cipher Based Modified Espresso Algorithm for 5G Communication

Publicationed By : Chinmay Bepery

Publication Publication Date : 2019-05-18 00:00:00

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To meet the requirement of 5G communication, Dubrova and Hell design Espresso, which is a   stream  cipher.  Espresso  uses  128-bit  key,  96-bit  initial  vector  (IV)  and  a  6-degree  Boolean   function  as  its  output  function.  Jia-Min  and  Wen-Feng  showed  that  algebraic  attack  is   possible with time complexity being O(2  (66.86)  ). In this paper, we present a methodology for the   modification  of  Espresso  with  reformed  Galois configuration  of  256-bit  Nonlinear  Feedback   Shift Registers (NLFSR) and 8-degree Boolean function as its output function. The advantages   of  Galois  and  Fibonacci  configuration of  NLFSRs,  short  propagation  delay,  and  8-degree   Boolean function  are  combined  in our  algorithm  which  make  it  invulnerable to  the  classical   algebraic attack and correlation attack.

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